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Online Shop >> Goth Wigs

Online Shop - Goth Wigs

Courtney Wig (PW8018)
Manson Wig (PW8017)
Marilyn Wig (PW8029-G7)
Prada Wig (PW8030-113)
Vamp Wig (PW8016)
Zuki Wig (PW8015)
Shop by Text:
100 - OS: - Courtney Wig (PW8018) 34.74
Courtney Wig

100 - OS: - Manson Wig (PW8017) 34.74
Manson Wig

100 - OS: - Marilyn Wig (PW8029-G7) 35.28
Marilyn Wig
Wig Colours:
Blood Red With Black

100 - OS: - Prada Wig (PW8030-113) 35.28
Prada Wig
Wig Colours:
Blood Red

100 - OS: - Vamp Wig (PW8016) 34.74
Vamp Wig

100 - OS: - Zuki Wig (PW8015) 34.74
Zuki Wig

Online Shop - Goth Wigs

When you hear the word "Goth," what images come to mind? Perhaps you are quick to associate the term with pale-faced people who wear dark lipstick and dress up in equally dark, mysterious, and/or morbid clothes. Certain characters or creatures that come to mind would be Dracula and vampires in general, zombies, Frankenstein's monster, and Morticia Addams. Unsurprisingly, Goth wigs and costumes are all the rage during Halloween season. But luckily for our dear customers, our shoppe carries such wigs all year round, so you can grab our wigs before they quickly run out around Halloween.

Be a vampire, vampiress, zombie, Frankenstein's monster, or the monster's bride with these unusual Goth wigs. You can choose to go with black wigs with white streaks - some of which even look like they're standing on end! Aside from that, you can also have more normal-looking, straight or curly black wigs for those who want to look like Cleopatra or a pale-faced ghost lady in white, or for those who merely want to try Goth fashion. Other similar wigs are curly, frizzy, snake-like wigs for those who want to dress up as Medusa; fiery red wigs for wannabe Goth temptresses; pigtailed wigs for the mischievous devils out there; and white wigs for those who want to be a banshee or some creepy creature of the night.

These Goth wigs are good not only for adults and teenagers, but for children as well! While most of our customers are not children, parents might also want to consider getting these soft, lightweight, eye-catching wigs so their child can be the star of their trick-or-treating group or Halloween party. After all, Halloween is good fun for people of all ages.

Don't miss out on the Halloween festivities by not being in costume, and complete your costume by availing of our wigs now!

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